Monday, March 31, 2014
9:00 am - 4:30 pm ET
Ronald Reagan Building Rotunda, Washington, DC
Welcome and Opening Remarks: Chris Mullen, State Farm
Frank Pintar,
Keynote Speaker:

David Strickland, Former Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Discussions of key findings and research recommendations: Moderator: Susan Ferguson, PhD, Ferguson International, LLC

Definition of distracted driving and taxonomy:

Michael Regan, PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia

Visual and cognitive driver distraction metrics:

Dan McGehee, PhD, , University of Iowa

Cognitive distraction and situation awareness:

Don Fisher, PhD, , University of MA, Amherst

Driver choice and engagement in distracting activities:

John Lee, PhD, , University of Wisconsin – Madison

Convergence theory and understanding risk and prevalence:

Linda Angell, PhD,, Touchstone Evaluations, Inc.

Estimates of prevalence and risk based on naturalistic data:

Tom Dingus, PhD, , Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Special considerations in distracted driving with teens:

Dennis Durbin, MD, MSCE, , Center for Injury Research and Prevention, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

State and Federal Laws targeting distracted driving:

Cathy Chase, , Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Driver cellphone and texting ban effectiveness:

Anne McCartt, PhD, , Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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